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Book a CourseAccess 2002-2003

Level 2 Advanced Course

This course aims to increase your productivity by providing the skills and knowledge to use Microsoft Access at a more advanced level.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Split the data out of a database file
  • Create action queries
  • Work with query joins and table relationships
  • Use database replication in Access 
  • Create Data Access Pages using the Wizard
  • Create Data Access Pages
  • Protect a database file
  • Secure a database from unauthorised use
  • Create simple but effective macros
  • Create more complex macros
  • Develop macros for forms
  • Create an option group controlled with a macro
  • Create simple VBA procedures


Course Content

Splitting A Database
Overview Of Splitting A Database
Splitting A Database
Working With A Split Database
Updating Database Links
Action Queries
Action Queries Overview
Using A Make Table Query
Creating An Update Query
Creating A Saved Update Query
Running A Saved Query
Creating A Delete Query
Creating An Append Query
Query Relationships
Overview Of Table Relationships & Queries
Understanding Join Types
Finding Orphan Records
Removing Orphan Records
Locating Exceptions
Understanding SQL
Database Replication
Overview of Database Replication
Initiating Database Replication
Creating Additional Replicas
Synchronising To A Replica
Synchronising From A Replica
Data Access Pages
Overview Of Data Access Pages
Data Access Page Wizard
Working With A Data Access Page
Using The Page Outside Access 
Data Access Page Techniques
Data Access Page Techniques Overview
Creating A Basic Data Access Page Design
Promoting And Demoting Fields
Displaying Related Records
Modifying Pivot Table Lists
Creating A Scrolling Marquee
Formatting A Page
Database Protection
Overview Of Database Protection
Setting A Password
Opening A File With A Password
Removing A Password
Encrypting A Database File
Decrypting A Database File
Hiding Database Objects
Displaying Hidden Objects
Unhiding An Object
Database Security
Overview Of Database Security
How Security Is Achieved
Creating A New Workgroup
Creating An Administrator For The Workgroup
Removing The Default Admin User
Logging On As The System Administrator
Securing A Database
Adding Groups
Adding Users
Assigning Permissions
Testing The Security
Joining Another Workgroup
Macro Basics
Overview Of Macros
Creating A Macro
Running A Macro
Modifying An Existing Macro
Interacting With The User
Documenting Macros
Macro Techniques
Overview Of Macro Techniques
Creating A Print Macro
Using Conditions To Enhance The Macro
Creating A Sequence Of Conditions
Using The MsgBox Action Statement
Creating A Msgbox Condition
Configuring The Message Box
Soliciting Input
Macros On Forms
Macros On Forms
Creating An Event Macro
Creating A Group Macro
Attaching Macros From A Group
Creating A Group Macro For Forms
Attaching Macros To Form Events
Setting Form Properties
Option Group Macros
Option Groups and Macros
How Option Groups Work
Creating An Option Group
Copying Toggle Buttons
Creating The Filter Macro
Handling The Exceptions
Attaching The Macro To The Option Group
VBA Introduction
Overview Of Visual Basic For Applications
Creating A Simple Form Procedure
Editing An Existing Procedure
Creating A Standard Module
Testing The Code
Modifying A Module
Attaching A Module Procedure To A Control
Navigating The VBA Editor
Duration 2 days (9:00 am - 4:30 pm)
Venue 3-5 Bennett Street (Gr. Fl.)
East Perth WA 6004
Telephone 08 9221 0688
Facsimile 08 9221 0687

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