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Book a CourseExcel 2002-2003

Intermediate Level Course


The aim of this course is to increase your productivity through acquainting you with more of Excel’s many features.  You will cover using names, creating templates, applying protection, linking and consolidating workbooks and worksheets, applying more functions and creating and using Styles.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define, create, paste and apply names
  • Prepare templates; build workbooks and worksheets based on those templates
  • Link workbooks and/or worksheets, and consolidate workbooks and/or worksheets
  • Protect workbooks, worksheets and parts of a worksheet
  • Create styles and apply the styles to data in a workbook and/or worksheet
  • Produce charts to clearly show patterns in spreadsheet data


Course Content

About The Normal Style
Adding The Style Box To The Formatting Toolbar
Creating A Style Via The Style Box
Applying A Style
Re-Defining A Style
Creating And Applying Styles Via The Format, Style Menu
Deleting A Style
Merging Styles from One Workbook to Another
Defining A Name
Rules For Names
The Name Box
Defining Names Using The Name Box
Deleting Names
Creating Names
Pasting A Name Into A Formula
Applying Names
The #Name? Error Constant
Using Go To
      Going To The Intersection Of Named Ranges
      Going To Everything Between And Including Two Named Ranges
      Going To Two Or More Named Ranges
Creating A Template
Design Considerations When Building A Template
A Quick Summary Of What You Have (And Have Not) Done So Far
Saving A Workbook As A Template
Creating New Workbooks From A Template
Creating New Worksheets From A Template
Adjusting A Template
Linking Workbooks
How To Fix Absolute Cell References When Linking External Workbooks
Updating Source Workbooks
Editing Links / Opening Source Workbooks
Three Quick Ways To Destroy Your Links
Saving A Workspace
Closing Multiple Workbooks At The Same Time
Linking Multiple Worksheets Within The One Workbook
Linking Via Edit, Paste Special
Consolidating Workbooks
Using Outlining In A Consolidated Workbook
Turning Off In-Cell Editing
Going To Linked Workbooks From A Consolidated Workbook
Consolidating Worksheets Within A Workbook
Automatically Creating A Backup Workbook
Protecting A Workbook So That It Cannot Be Opened Without A Password
Opening A Password Protected Workbook
Removing Password Protection
Protecting A Workbook So That It Cannot Be Modified Without A Password
Opening A Read Only Copy Of A Password Protected Workbook
Removing Read-Only Password Protection
Partial Protection
To Remove Partial Protection
Allowing Users to Edit Ranges
Understanding Chart Components
Selecting What To Chart
Examples Of Valid And Invalid Selections
Creating A Chart
Relocate An Embedded Chart
To Re-Size A Embedded Chart
Editing An Existing Chart
      Type Of Chart
      Source Of Chart Data
      Chart Options
      Chart Location
The Chart Toolbar
Printing A Chart
Duration 1 day (9:00 am - 4:30 pm)
Venue 3-5 Bennett Street (Gr. Fl.)
East Perth WA 6004
Telephone 08 9221 0688
Facsimile 08 9221 0687

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