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Book a CourseExcel 2002-2003

Introduction Level Course

The aim of the course is to introduce you to some of Excel’s many features, so that you can do productive spreadsheet work including data entry, calculations, formatting, charting and printing.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Use manuals and on-line help to solve operation problems
  • Start and close Excel, recognise the screen components and move around
  • Use basic ‘survival’ skills through activation of menus, Short Cut menus and tools
  • Design, construct and manipulate a spreadsheet to meet the requirements of a given situation
  • Use formulas and some basic functions to efficiently perform calculations
  • Use formatting to improve the presentation of the spreadsheet
  • Set print settings and print the spreadsheet


  • Understanding of computers and the ability to use them comfortably.

Course Content

Getting Started
Overview of the Module
      What is a Spreadsheet?
      What Can I use Excel for?
Starting Excel – From the Start Menu
Start Excel – by Double-clicking its Shortcut Icon]
Identifying Parts of the WorkBook Window
Using the Task Panes
Moving around the WorkSheet
Using the Edit, Go to Command
Ending the Current Session with Excel
Survival Skills
      Tools (also called Buttons or Icons)
      Hot Keys
Choosing a Command Using the Keyboard
Choose a Command Using the Mouse
Using Short Cut Menus
Understanding the Toolbars
Moving Between the Sheets
      To Move Between Sheets using the Left-Mouse Button
      To Move Between Sheets using the Right-Mouse Button
      To Move Between Sheets using the Sheet Scrollbar
      To Move Between Sheets using the Keyboard
Saving a WorkBook
      To Save your Work Automatically
      To Save your Work Manually
      To Save a WorkBook
      To Save a WorkBook Using a Different Name or Location
Closing a WorkBook
Creating a New WorkBook
Opening a Existing WorkBook
Opening a Recently Used WorkBook
Opening Several WorkBooks at one time
WorkSheet Skills
Identifying Data Types
Entering Data
Abandoning Data Entry
Using Undo and Redo
Editing Existing Data
Editing Keys
      To Move the Insertion Point when Editing an Entry
      To Select Characters when Editing an Entry
Deleting Data Only
Deleting Data and Formatting (and Comments)
AutoFill Smart Tag
Fill Sequences in Increments other than One
      To Select One Range of Cells (Mouse Techniques)
      To Select One Range of Cells (Keyboard Technique)
      To Select Two or More Ranges of Cells
Moving through Selected Cells
      To Move through a Selection
Selecting Column(s)
      To Select a Column
      To Select a Continuous Block of Rows
      To Select a non-Continuous Group of Rows
      …The Keyboard
      Office XP Clipboard Toolbar
Changing Column Widths
Changing Row Height(s)
Inserting – Cells / Rows / Columns
Deleting – Cells / Columns / Rows
      To Delete the Entire Contents of a WorkSheet
      To Delete a Page Completely from the WorkBook
      Working with Sheeets
      Renaming Sheets
Deleting a Sheet
Inserting a Sheet
      Copying a Sheet
Hiding a Sheet
Unhiding a Hidden Sheet
Types of Formulas
Building a Basic Formula
The Order of Precedence
Using the SUM Function
Using the AUTOSUM Icon
      To Use AutoSum
      To Type the Sum Function
An Even Quicker Way to Create Totals
Relative, Mixed and Absolute Cell References
      Relative Addresses
      Absolute Addresses
Entering Functions
To Access a Recently Used Function
Mathematical And Statistical Functions
      The Formatting Toolbar
      The Format Menu
The Formatting Toolbar
The Format, Cells Menu
      Number Formats
Copying Cell Formatting
      AutoFormatting has the following Advantages:
      To apply an AutoFormat, you simply:
Printing Using Excel’s Defaults
Changing Page Setup
Page Options
Margin Options
Header / Footer Options
Sheet Options
Print Preview
Changing Margins Via Print Preview
Controlling Page Breaks Via the View Menu
Controlling Page Breaks Via the Insert Menu
I Can’t See My Page Breaks!
Duration 1 day (9:00 am - 4:30 pm)
Venue 3-5 Bennett Street (Gr. Fl.)
East Perth WA 6004
Telephone 08 9221 0688
Facsimile 08 9221 0687

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