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Book a CoursePublisher 2002-2003

Introduction Level Course

This course aims to increase your computer productivity by providing the skills and knowledge to use Microsoft Publisher effectively.  This course is designed for participants who need to create a variety of publications such as flyers, brochures, newsletters and the like.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • start Publisher, navigate around the Catalog and the main screen and exit
  • create a quick publication by wizard
  • use all the main Help features including the Office Assistant
  • change the view and work with frames
  • create and work with text frames
  • import, layout and format text
  • layout and format text and pictures
  • create and format tables
  • use tabs, bullets and numbers to enhance the presentation of text
  • create pictures using the drawing tools and the Design Gallery
  • create a logo using WordArt
  • create a data source and perform a mail merge


  • Understanding of computers and the ability to use them comfortably.

Course Content

Publisher Basics
Publisher Overview
Starting Publisher 
Understanding The New Publication Task Pane
Understanding The Publications By Type
Understanding Publications By Design Sets
Understanding Blank Publications
The Publisher Screen
Working With The Toolbars
Understanding Menus
Exiting From Publisher 
Tips For Planning A Publication
Publications Wizards
Personal Information Set
Creating A Publication By Wizard
Saving A Publication
Closing A Publication
Opening A Publication
Publisher Essentials
Overview Of How Publisher Works
Navigating Between Pages
Viewing Publications
Selecting Frames and Boxes
Moving And Resizing Text Boxes
Deleting Frames and Text Boxes
Creating Text Frames
Overview Of Text Boxes
Creating A Scratch Publication
Displaying Layout Guides
Creating Headings
Formatting Text And Text Boxes
Colours And Fills
Line Spacing
Adding Other Objects
Text Techniques
Overview Of A Text Techniques
Opening A Specific Publication
Importing Text
Creating Columns
Overlaying Text Boxes
Creating Text Styles
Applying Text Styles
Modifying A Style
Connecting Text In Boxes
Layout Techniques
Overview Of A Layout Techniques
Adding Additional Text Boxes
Formatting The Text Box for Effect
Adding White Space Using Objects
Variable Size Text Boxes
Changing The Page Layout
Aligning Objects On A Page
Nudging Objects
Adding Pictures From A File
Adding Clip Art
Creating Tables
Table Overview
Creating A Table
Entering Text Into A Table
Changing The Font Size
Changing The Row Heights and Column Widths
Creating Grid Lines In A Table
Creating Borders Around A Table
Shading Rows And Columns
Aligning Text In Columns
Special Table Tricks
Merging Cells In A Table
Adding A Coupon Border
Tabs And Bullets
Tabs, Bullets And Numbers
Creating Tabs
Creating Additional Tabs
Creating Bulleted Lists
Creating Numbered Lists
Drawing Overview
Creating Objects
Working With Objects
Grouping Objects
Aligning Objects
Deleting Unwanted Objects
Arranging Objects
Formatting Grouped Objects
Creating Perfect Shapes
Using A Design Object
Using WordArt
WordArt Overview
Creating WordArt
Changing WordArt Shapes
Embedding The WordArt
Using WordArt With Other Objects
Mail Merging
Mail Merging Overview
Creating A Data Source
Creating a Mail Merge Publication
Performing the Merge
Sorting the Merge
Filtering Data
Merge Printing
Cancelling a Filter
Duration 1 day (9:00 am - 4:30 pm)
Venue 3-5 Bennett Street (Gr. Fl.)
East Perth WA 6004
Telephone 08 9221 0688
Facsimile 08 9221 0687

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