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Book a CourseWord 2002-2003

Intermediate Level Course


The aim of this course is to introduce you to more of Word’s many features, including tables, outline numbering, templates, styles, document maps, sections, mail merging, linking and working with graphics.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • produce and maintain tables.
  • use numbering on chapters, paragraphs and pages
  • break the document into sections
  • control the automatic options
  • produce mail-merge documents
  • link a document to other documents
  • work with graphics


Course Content

Inserting Tables in Documents
Draw Table
Navigating within Tables
     Moving the Insertion Point
     Selecting Text and Cells
     Inserting Text and Numbers
Modifying Tables
     Inserting Rows into Tables
     Inserting Columns into Tables
     Using the Shortcut Menu
     Deleting Rows in Tables
     Deleting Columns in Tables
     Deleting a Entire Table
Changing Column Widths and Row Heights
     Change Column Widths
     Change Row Height
     Change Table Width
Merging Table Cells
Formatting Text and Numbers in Tables
Calculations in Tables
Adding Border Lines and Shading in Tables
Auto Formatting a Table
Positioning a Table
     Centre a Table Horizontally
     Centre a Table Vertically
     Moving a Table
Outline-level Numbering
Paragraph Numbering
     Single Level Numbering
     Multi Level Numbering
     Customising Outline Numbered Lists
Changing Formats
Changing the Order of Paragraphs
Skip Numbering
The Normal Template
     Saving Changes to the Normal Template
Creating a Document with a Different Template
Creating a Document with a Wizard
Creating a Template
Creating a Document Based on your Template
Inserting Section Breaks
Odd and Even Page Section Breaks
Formatting Sections into Multiple Columns
Inserting Column Breaks
Inserting Page Breaks
Creating Headers and Footers
Different First Page Header or Footer
Different Odd and Even Page Headers or Footers
Centring the First Page
Automatic Options
Using the AutoCorrect Feature
Using the AutoComplete
Using the AutoText Feature
     Creating and Inserting AutoText Entries
     Inserting AutoText Entries Using the AutoText Toolbar
     Saving AutoText Entries
     Printing AutoText Entries
     Deleting AutoText Entries
Mail Merging
Selecting the Starting Document
Selecting a Existing Recipients List
Creating the Recipients List
Creating the Document
Sorting the List before Merging
Preview the Merge Document
Merging Documents
Printing Merged Letters
Creating Mailing Labels
Turning off the Display of Toolbars and Rulers
Opening Multiple Documents
Manipulating Open Windows
     Choosing the Active Document
     Closing Multiple Windows
Copying Text from One Document into Another Document
Inserting Files into Active Documents
Linking Files
Updating Linked Data
Working with Graphics
Inserting a Picture into your Document
     Copying a Graphic using the Clipboard
     Inserting Clipart Graphics
Positioning the Picture
     Moving the Picture
Sizing a Graphic
Duration 1 day (9:00 am - 4:30 pm)
Venue 3-5 Bennett Street (Gr. Fl.)
East Perth WA 6004
Telephone 08 9221 0688
Facsimile 08 9221 0687

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