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Book a CourseAcrobat7.0


Course Aims

This course aims to enhance computer productivity byproviding skills to enable users to set up Acrobat print drivers and identifyvarious ways to create and manage PDF files. They will gain an insight andunderstanding of the Acrobat suite of products including Acrobat Distiller.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create a PDF file from various media, including electronic files, Web pages,
  • Modify PDF files by adding hyperlinks, bookmarks
  • Add graphic and text annotations to a PDF file
  • Limit accessibility to PDF files by adding password security
  • Optimise and distribute PDF files.
  • Review PDF Documents
  • Undertake E-Mail Based Review of PDF Documents.

Participants must have a basic knowledge of computers andexperience in navigating around the Microsoft Windows work environment. Noprevious knowledge of Acrobat is required.

Course Content


About The PDF Format
What’s New And Improved in Acrobat 7.0
Navigate The Acrobat Interface
The Navigation Pane
The Document Pane
Acrobat Tool Groups
Using the Keyboard within Dialog Boxes
Open A PDF Document
Navigate The Document
Navigate To A Bookmark
    Expand A Bookmark
    Collapse A Bookmark
    The Bookmarks Palette Menu
Navigate To Thumbnails
    To Create Thumbnails
    To Embed or Unembed Thumbnails
Navigate To A Page
Change Document View
    Change View Options
    Magnify The Document
    Zoom In Or Out In A Document
    Fit Page
    Fit Width
    View Document At Actual Size
    Rotate A Document
View Multiple Documents
    Cascade Documents
    Tile Documents
Create PDF Files
Create A PDF File In An Authoring Application
Create A PDF File By Right Clicking On Documents
Open A File As Adobe PDF
Create A PDF File By Dragging-and-Dropping
Create PDFs by Dragging-And-Dropping In The Acrobat Workspace
Create PDF Files Using The Acrobat Menu And Create PDF Button
Create PDF Files From Web Pages
Create PDF Files From Scanned Pages
Creating Navigation In PDF Files
    Create Bookmarks
    Create Bookmarks From Microsoft Word Files
    Create Bookmarks From Document Structure
    Create Bookmarks Using The Text Select Tool
    Create Bookmarks In The Navigation Pane
    Changing The Appearance Of A Bookmark
    Create Thumbnails
    Resize Page Thumbnails
Create Links
    Create A Link Using The Link Tool
    Create A Link Using The Select Text Tool, Select Image Tool, or Snapshot Tool
    Defining The Appearance Of A Link
    Adding Actions To A Link
`   Resize a Hotspot
Change Magnification Settings
Create A Menu Using Links
Editing PDF Documents
Modify Bookmark Properties
    Renaming A Bookmark
    Delete A Bookmark
    Nesting Bookmarks
Editing Thumbnails
    Insert Pages
    Extract Pages
    Replace Pages
    Delete Pages
    Drag And Drop Editing
        Reorder Document Pages
        Copy Pages From Other PDF Documents
 Edit Links
    Change Link Properties
    Delete A Link
    Copying And Pastin
 Touch Up A PDF Document
    TouchUp Text Tool
    Change Text Appearance
Save PDF Files
Set Document Properties
Edit Document Summary
Set Document Open Options
Set Document Security
Removing Security
Save PDF Files in Other Formats
    Save Text From A PDF File
    Save PDF Files as Images
Review PDF Documents
Comments Pallet
    The Note Tool
    The Free Text Tool
    The Stamp Tool
    Mark Up A Document
    Graphic Elements
    Attaching A Pop-Up Note
E-Mail Based Review of PDF Documents
Tracking Review Comments
Participating In An E-Mail Based Review
Summarise And Print Comments
Duration1 day (8:30 am - 4:00 pm)
Venue3-5 Bennett Street (Gr. Fl.)
East Perth WA 6004
Telephone08 9221 0688
Facsimile08 9221 0687


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