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Introduction to PhotoShop 

Course Content

Adobe PhotoShop System Requirements
Calibrating PhotoShop for your Computer
Painting & Editing in PhotoShop
Opening files in PhotoShop
Working with the palettes
Viewing, selecting and creating layers
Choosing and changing foreground colours
Sampling colours using the eyedropper tool
Painting with the pencil, paintbrush & airbrush
Eraser tool
Undo command
Revert command
Using the brushes/options palettes
Using the picker/swatches/scratch palettes
Blending colours with the smudge tool
Change the painting and editing modes
Saving files
Working with Selections
Loading a selection
Making selections with the marquee tool
Cut, copy and Paste
Selecting with the magic wand tool
Zooming in and out with the magnify tool
Moving around
Moving selections with the move tool
Adding to and subtracting from selections
Saving selections
Copying and pasting selections
Duplicating areas with the rubber stamp tool
Filling a selection with a colour and pattern
Cropping an image
Filling a selection with a gradient
Merging Layers
Adding text with the type tool
Paths, Masks and Channels
Creating a new PhotoShop file
Drawing paths using the pen tool
Colour range selections
Using the Quick Mask mode
Saving, naming and viewing a channel
Posterising an image
Stroking a path
Using layer modes
Manipulating Selections and Layers
Scaling a selection
Changing a selection's hue and saturation
Applying filters to selections
Stroking a selection
Increasing the canvas size of an image
Making selections using the pen tool
Defringing a selection
Adjusting a selection's brightness/contrast
Flipping a selection
Reducing the size of an image
Painting with a pattern
Understanding Colour
Measuring colour in a number of models
Displaying images with different palettes
Correcting the colour of an image using the variations command
Using a Histogram to measure tonal ranges
Adjusting colour levels in an image
Adjusting curves in an image
Using the Infor palette to preview colour changes
Colour–correcting a selection
Using the toning and focus tools
Sharpening detail in an image
Colour-correcting an individual channel
Scanning, Resolution and Resizing
Estimating the best scan resolution
How file Size affects image resolution
Re-sizing an image with & without resampling
Cropping an image proportionately
Combining images of different resolutions
Converting Images
Converting an RGB image to L*a*b & CMYK
Indexed colour and greyscale mode
Converting images to multichannel mode
Creating a duotone and tritone
Inverting colours
Converting a greyscale image to bitmapped mode
Producing Colour Separations and Printing
Converting an RGB image to a CMYK image for printing
Viewing & converting out-of-gamut colours
Previewing an image in CMYK
Adjusting colour separation for dot-gain, black generation and trap
Printing a colour composite
Printing a four-colour separation
Printing a selected area of an image
Printing a half tone
Importing and Exporting Files
Opening JPEG files
Saving in EPS format
Exporting to Adobe Illustrator
Creating type that follows a path in Adobe Illustrator
Placing Adobe Illustrator art in a PhotoShop file
Layers, Masks and Groups
Using and creating a library of images
Using the behind mode
Using a layer mask with a blend
Adding and Subtracting from a layer mask
Creating a clipping Group
Drag-copying a path
Duration2 days (9:00 am - 4:00 pm)
Venue3-5 Bennett Street (Gr. Fl.)
East Perth WA 6004
Telephone08 9221 0688
Facsimile08 9221 0687

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